Wall Mural Install Guide

MXY Wallpaper

MXY are trusted designers and producers of custom wallpaper and wall murals, operating throughout the US. Our mission is to deliver eye-catching designs that are transferred to any size or shape of wallpaper or wall mural using the finest quality of materials and adhesives.

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Before you begin

The surface of the wall must be smooth, clean, dry and sound. Flaking paint and loose wallpaper should be removed, and any uneven surfaces must be filled. Give the wall a prime coating if its colour is very different to the new wallpaper. Very absorbent surfaces, such as plaster walls, should be sized.

Mixing the paste

    • Use a bucket and whisk to mix with.
    • Sprinkle content of package into 4 liters of cold water, mixing briskly for 30 seconds.
    • After approximately 3 minutes stir again.
    • After 15 minutes give it a good final stir and it is ready to use.

Unused adhesive can be stored for about 14 days.

Make sure the wall surface is flat, clean and smooth. A clean and dry wall will help the adhesive from your wall mural to keep its stickiness. Put all panels on the ground, check the order. Measure and write down the dimensions of each panel. Mark vertical guidelines according to the panel’s dimensions. Leave 2-3cm overlap between panels.

Brush glue on the wall for the 1st panel, wait for 3 minutes.Apply the 1st panel. Leave 1-2cm overage on top. Bottom and left hand side. Smooth wrinkles and remove bubbles. Align panel 2 to panel 1. Simply match the pattern of the mural (with 2-3cm overlap).Peel away the excess piece.

Repeat for additional panels. Trim any ceiling and baseboard overage, remove excess paste. Close doors and windows leave the glue dried naturally for 3-4 days.