Anime Tapestry Hanging

Anime Tapestries Collection

Decorate your home with some of the most popular anime characters from your favourite anime series with our Anime Tapestries Collection.

Over-Sized Display

An anime tapestry is large and extravagant, taking up more of the wall space for a dramatic expression. These displays come in various styles inspired by different anime series, including Yugioh and Prince of Tennis.

Hassle-Free To Hang

These tapestries are not permanent like some other wall decorations and can be easily hung up or taken down as you’d like. The non-permanent application makes them more desirable over wall stickers and wallpapers. They can be gently folded and stored away if necessary and gifted to someone on their special day.

Crisp Print

The colours and details of the artworks on these Anime Tapestries truly pop. Once could stand by it all day taking note of its exceptional display!

  • Creative decor
  • Non-permanent application
  • Various anime themes
  • High-quality prints
  • Perfect anime gift idea
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