Anime Character Sticker

Anime Character Wall Stickers

A lifelike anime character from your favourite anime series to greet you every day? Who wouldn’t want one of those! With our Anime Character Wall Stickers, you can feel apart of their world inside your own home.

Life-Like Size

The size of these Anime Character Wall Stickers is life-like, giving them a more realistic and extravagant presence within your home. These definitely won’t go unnoticed on your walls!


You can cover any surface with these Anime Character Wall Stickers, and they pair effortlessly with other similar decor, like our anime bedding sets, wallpapers, rugs, and more! Browse our other anime products for more inspiration.

Vivid Print

The colours of each of our prints are beautifully vibrant and eye-popping, which helps accentuate their details – everything from the anime character’s hair and face to their outfit and other supporting elements.

  • Creative decor
  • Various anime themes
  • High-quality prints
  • Perfect anime gift idea
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